Viewing: Complete Meeting
1. Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of September 24, 2013      (V)  (C)  
2. Minutes of the Board Retreat on September 28, 2013      (V)  (C)  
3. Accounts Payable Prelist      (V)  (C)  
4. Agreement with CUSD Food Service Department and ICOE Community School      (V)  (C)  
5. Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) Program Participation Agreement for 2013-14      (V)  (C)  
6. Agreement with CUSD and Systematic ELD Training      (V)  (C)  
7. Continue Contract for Services with Axiom to provide School Accountability Report Card (SARC) services for 2013-2014 school year      (V)  (C)  
8. Hartline Inspection Services Agreement-Mains Elementary Soffit Project     (V)  (C)  
9. Hartline Inspection Services Agreement- Calexico High School ADA Project     (V)  (C)  
10. Memorandum of Understanding 2013-2014 between Calexico Unified School District and Imperial County Consortium BTSA Induction Program      (C)  
11. Memorandum of Understanding 2013-2014 to 2015-2016 between Calexico Unified School District and San Diego State University Student Teaching Agreement 40089055      (V)  (C)  
12. Memorandum of Understanding Between Imperial County Office of Education and Calexico Unified School District for Common Core State Standards in Secondary Mathematics Four-Day Professional Development Academy for Calexico High School, Aurora High School, Enrique Camarena Jr. High School and William Moreno Junior High School      (V)  (C)  
13. Professional Development: Calexico High School CA Home Economics Careers and Technology Education (HECT)      (V)  (C)  
14. Professional Development: Calexico High School - Home Economics Careers and Technology Education 2013-14 Food & Safety and Sanitation Workshop - ServSafe on November 12, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA      (V)  (C)  
15. Professional Development: ACSA 2014 Superintendents' Symposium on January 29-31, 2014 in Monterey, CA      (V)  (C)  
16. Professional Development: CPIN Dialogic Reading ICOE Workshops      (V)  (C)  
17. Professional Development: California Consortium for Independent Study CCIS Fall 2013 Conference on November 17-19, 2013 in Anaheim, CA      (V)  (C)  
18. Professional Development: California Mathematics Council Conference- Common Core Mathematics: Launching the Transformation in Palm Springs, CA on November 1-2, 2013      (V)  (C)  
19. Professional Development: Edupoint National Users Conference in Scottsdale, AZ on November 14-15, 2013      (V)  (C)  
20. Professional Development: High-Impact Literacy Instruction Shifting into High Gear to Meet the Challenges of the Common Core in Carlsbad, CA on December 10-11, 2013      (V)  (C)  
21. Professional Development: Oodles of Art! Workshop in El Centro, CA     (V)  (C)  
22. Professional Development: SB 1626 Training Course for Campus Security provided by Imperial Valley Public Safety Training Center, Invoice #13-102     (V)  (C)  
23. Professional Development:Calexico High School Culinary Arts: Achieving Excellence in Your Program in San Bernardino, CA on November 22-24, 2013     (V)  (C)  
24. Professional Development: School Services of California Human Resource Essentials & Collective Bargaining Workshops in Orange County, CA      (V)  (C)  
25. Professional Development: California World Language Project Seminars at Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA      (V)  (C)  
26. Travel: Calexico High School - ASB Leadership Conference Field Trip     (V)  (C)  
27. Travel: Calexico High School - IV MESA trip to the Solar Turbines      (V)  (C)  
28. Travel: Calexico High School - Ag Department - 2013 Calexico FFA Fieldtrips      (V)  (C)  
1. 2013-2014 Resolution to Sign Orders      (V)  
2. Disposal of Obsolete/Damaged Technology Equipment      (V)  
3. Award of RFQ/P No. 2014-002 for Facilities Master Plan to NTD Architecture      (V)  
4. Resolution No. Compliance with Education Code Section 60119 (as revised by Chapter 118, Statutes of 2005 and California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 5, Section 9531) Regarding Sufficiency of Textbooks and Instructional Materials     (V)  (C)  


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