Viewing: Complete Meeting

A. Opening Items

A.1. Call to Order

A.2. Pledge of Allegiance

B. COMMENTS FROM PUBLIC-The Board will take any and all comments from the

public related to the sole items on the agenda.

C. ACTION ITEMS - Consideration & action/approval of the following items:

C.1. Vacancy of Board Presidency:

A. Discussion of options for appointment of Board President

B. Election by Board of Board President (if applicable)

C. Election by Board of Board Clerk/Vice President (if applicable)

C.2. Moving Electrical Service at the CHS Athletic Field. Discussion and

direction to staff as to options and procedures.

C.3. Discussion of potential future Project Labor Agreement.

C.4. Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Calexico Unified School District

Ordering an Election to Authorize the Issuance of School Bonds, Establishing

Specifications of the Election Order, and Requesting Consolidation with other

Elections Occurring on November 8, 2016.

C.5. Contract between CUSD & Caldwell, Flores, Winters, Inc. for Professional

Financial Advisory Services.

C.6. Contract between CUSD and Caldwell, Flores, Winters, Inc. for Professional

Consulting Services.

C.7. Agreement between CUSD and Jones Hall for Bond Counsel and

Disclosure Counsel Services in Connection with General Obligation Bond


C.8. Board of Trustee Vacancy: Discussion of options and procedures to fill the

vacant position on the Board created by the resignation of Ciro Calderon, and

direction to staff to prepare applicable documents for election, provisional

appointment, or other (such as the position remaining vacant) as selected by

the Board. Options include action to order an election at the next general

election in November, 2016.


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