Viewing: Complete Meeting

E. RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION-Approximate time: 6pm



G.1. Student Representatives:

AU: Ruth Ruiz

CO: Iran Martinez

CO-9th: Gabriel Aguilar

EC: Julissa Ceceņa

WM: Johnny Valenzuela

G.2. Students of the Month Recognitions:

AU: Sara E. Avila Barrera & Ruben A. Gradillas

CO: Marissa Rashid & Hector Sanchez

CO-9th: Andrea C. Angulo & Cesar Hernandez, Jr.

EC: Sofia X. Bustamante Guevara & Armando Hernandez

WM: Brenda Villarreal & Diego Chavez Aguirre

Migrant Program Winner: Cecilia Arellano

G.3. Employee Recognitions:

DO: Patricia Rivas

JN: Alejandra Segura

MO: Maricruz Lopez & Manuel O'Campo

G.4. Art Walk by the Border Presentation

H. PUBLIC HEARING-Relocation of Alternative Education and Family Resource

Center/Imperial County Behavioral Health.

I. COMMENTS FROM PUBLIC-The Board will take any and all comments from the public

related to an item on the agenda or any other item of District business that is not on the


J. CONSENT AGENDA - all items appearing will be acted upon by one motion, without


J.1. Approval of the Minutes of the Special Board Meeting of May 11, 2016.

J.2. Calexico High School Mariachi Students to Attend an Overnight Field trip to

Disneyland on June 4, 2016.


K.1. Superintendent's Report

K.2. Association Comments (ACT/CSEA)

K.3. Pool Committee

Insurance Committee

ROP Committee

LCAP Committee

K.4. Board Reports-These are informational reports by board members. No action

is taken.


L.1. Possible Relocation of Alternative Education and the Family Resource

Center/Imperial County Behavioral Health.

L.2. Restricting the CNG Pumps for Calexico Unified School District Usage only.

L.3. Possible Contracting with Local Police Department for Traffic Control


M. ACTION ITEMS - Consideration & action/approval of the following items:

M.1. Professional Development: Select Two Board Members to attend the 2016

American School Counselor Association Annual Conference from July 9-12, 2016 in

New Orleans, LA.

M.2. Agreement Renewal between CUSD and Blackboard Connect for Mass

Notification Services.

M.3. Agreement between Calexico Unified School District & Renaissance Learning

for Software Subscription for the 2016-2017 School Year.

M.4. Agreement between Calexico Unified School District and Tamarie Tigh to

provide professional development and training to ASES and ASSETS Extended Day

Educational Tutors in preparation for 2016 Summer Enrichment Programs.

M.5. Upgrade for Subscription Agreement with eSchool Solutions for


M.6. Memorandum of Understanding between Calexico Unified School District &

ICOE for AmeriCorps Project Borderlands Program 2016-2017 Funding Year.

M.7. Memorandum of Understanding between Calexico Unified School District and

SPARKs Programs for Trainer of Trainer.

M.8. Agreement between CUSD and Solution Tree for Professional Learning

Communities for Calexico High School Faculty & Staff.

M.9. Rental Contract for the Use of San Diego State University Rodney Auditorium

for the CHS Drama Club Performance.

M.10. Calexico High School Mighty Bulldog Marching Band, Colorguard/Drill, and

Drumline 2016 Band Camp from July 25 to August 12, 2016.

M.11. Denial of Claim: Mike Martinez vs CUSD.

M.12. Denial of Claim: Veronica Alvarado vs CUSD.

M.13. Denial of Claim: Grace L. Noll vs CUSD.

M.14. FY 2012-2015 Financial Reports and Audit Certifications for Measure J Bond.

M.15. Resolution Ordering a November Election, Requesting County Elections to

Conduct the Election, and Requesting Consolidation of the Election and

specifications of the Election Order.

M.16. Resolution Regarding Disposition of Surplus Asset/Non-Asset Technology


M.17. Textbook Adoption for K-12 English Language Arts/English Language


M.18. Awarding of RFP NO. 2016-04, Solid Waste & Recycling Services and

Agreement Approval.

M.19. Awarding of RFP NO. 2016-03, Photography Services.

M.20. Kennedy Gardens State Preschool 2015-16 Program Self-Evaluation.

M.21. Certificated Employment Report.

M.22. Classified Employment Report

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