Viewing: Complete Meeting

E. RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION-Approximate time: 6pm


G. COMMENTS FROM PUBLIC-The Board will take any and all comments from the

public related to an item on the agenda or any other item of District business that is not

on the agenda.


H.1. Student Representatives:

AU: Ruth Ruiz

CO: Iran Martinez

CO-9th: Gabriel Aguilar

EC: Julissa Ceceña

WM: Johnny Valenzuela

H.2. Students of the Month Recognitions:

AU:Yulissa Marin & Guillermo Wong

CO:Karen Ponce & Rolando Arreola

CO-9th:Mira Conde & Juan Manuel (Sonny) Moreno Jr.

EC:Naomi Quezada & Javier A. Guerrero

WM:Dainysah Baptiste & Derik Lopez

H.3. Employee Recognitions:

AU: Yessenia Campos & Maria Dolores Torres

CHS: Sandra Ramsey & Christopher Alvarado

DL: Maria L. Escalante & Vanessa Lopez

WM: Fabiola Ibarra & Jose Niebla

I. CONSENT AGENDA - all items appearing will be acted upon by one motion, without


I.1. Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of February 11, 2016.

I.2. Travel: CHS Students to Attend 2016 HOSA State Leadership Conference on

April 6-10, 2016 in Anaheim, Ca.

I.3. Travel: CHS Instructor Mrs. Lynnelle Hite, FHA Hero Region 10 President and

State Vice-President to Attend the FHA Hero State Executive Council Board

Meeting on March 8-11, 2016 in Sacramento, Ca.

I.4. Travel: WMJHS ASB Advisor to Attend the CADA Conference on March 2-6,

2016 in Reno, NV.

I.5. Acceptance of Donation in the Amount of $150 from I.V. Welding & Mechanical,

Inc. to the AR Program.


J.1. Superintendent's Report

J.2. Association Comments (ACT/CSEA)

J.3. Insurance Committee

Safety Committee

LCAP Committee

J.4. Board Reports-These are informational reports by board members. No action

is taken.

K. ACTION ITEMS - Consideration & action/approval of the following items:

K.1. 2016 CSBA Delegate Assembly Election Nomination for Subregion 18-B.

K.2. Proposal from Spectrum Advertising for Video Campaign for School


K.3. Memorandum of Understanding Between Loma Linda University and Calexico

Unified School District for Educational and Instructional Programs(Intern Program).

K.4. Memorandum of Understanding Between ICOE and Calexico Unified School

District for three Engineering Units: "Force & Motion, Roller Coaster Physics and

Inspector Detector" Trainings.

K.5. Authorization to Seek Proposals for Solid Waste and Recycling Services.

K.6. Authorization to Seek Proposals for Architectural Services.

K.7. Approval to Purchase Skid Steer Loader from Empire Cat.

K.8. Approval to Purchase Tow Behind Boom Lift from Elm's Equipment.

K.9. Approval of Update to the District Representative Information on the SAB 50-

03 Form for the State Allocation Board, Office of Public School Construction.

K.10. Approval of School Site Safety Plans.

K.11. Second Reading of Revised Board Policy 4119.11 - Sexual Harassment.

K.12. Second Reading of Revised Administrative Regulation 4032 - Reasonable


K.13. Second Reading of Revised Administrative Regulation 4261.1 - Personal

Illness/Injury Leave.

K.14. Second Reading of Revised Board Policy 4121 - Temporary /Substitute


K.15. Second Reading of Revised Board Policy 4030 and Administrative Regulation

4030 - Nondiscrimination in Employment.

K.16. Re-instate Stipend and Amend Job Description: Transportation Supervisor

K.17. Re-instate Stipend and Amend Job Description: Maintenance & Operations


K.18. Approval of 2016-17 School Calendar.

K.19. Certificated Employment Report.

K.20. Classified Employment Report.

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